2 Professional Instructors for Two Hours - $225- UNLIMITED KIDS
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Skateboard Birthday Parties

Our birthday party packages can include rental boards so that all of the kids at your party can have an opportunity to ride. Have our Pros play a Game of "SKATE" with your kids and watch them have a blast. Our Pros will help you cut the cake, serve, and instruct. All of the kids at the party will wonder how you thought of such a great party.
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Demo and Instruction

Fun, exciting birthday parties are offered by Go Skate! Learn how to ride, watch pros, and have a great time! Our skateboarding birthday parties are the perfect match for the skateboarding enthusiast! Go Skate provides over 50 parties per year and has been well-trained in the act of successful paries.


Party At You House!

  • For 2 fun-packed hours, two professional skateboarders will demo/ teach.
  • Located either in your driveway or local skatepark. The birthday party will be half demo and half instruction. This will give kids a chance to be amazed by the possibilities of skateboards and also be able to try it themselves.
  • Your Friends Will Love It.


    Forget boring parties that all of the other kids are doing. Set yourself apart! Show the other kids what a great idea you had and they will all thank you!

  • 2 Professional Instructors for Two Hours - $145