2 Professional Instructors for Two Hours - $225- UNLIMITED KIDS
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Skateboard Birthday Parties

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve my area?
With over 300 instructors, and America's largest skate school, we are able to serve most of the country. If we are unable to, we will refer you to a local skate school who can help you.

Where do the lessons take place?
At skateparks or safe and quiet parking lots. The exact location will be determined by your local instructor based upon your ability and what you would like to learn.

What type of equipment do you recommend?
There isn't any one particular brand, but there are several recommendations that we can make based upon what tricks you are trying to learn, your size, and how often you skateboard.

How much do the lessons cost?
We sell individual and packaged lessons. It depends on your location and length desired

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Demo and Instruction

Fun, exciting birthday parties are offered by Go Skate! Learn how to ride, watch pros, and have a great time! Our skateboarding birthday parties are the perfect match for the skateboarding enthusiast! Go Skate provides over 50 parties per year and has been well-trained in the act of successful paries.


Party At You House!

  • For 2 fun-packed hours, two professional skateboarders will demo/ teach.
  • Located either in your driveway or local skatepark. The birthday party will be half demo and half instruction. This will give kids a chance to be amazed by the possibilities of skateboards and also be able to try it themselves.
  • Your Friends Will Love It.


    Forget boring parties that all of the other kids are doing. Set yourself apart! Show the other kids what a great idea you had and they will all thank you!

  • 2 Professional Instructors for Two Hours - $145